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Terms and Conditions Agreement


My Social Calendar will provide you with an online monthly calendar of events for Members Only. We will provide an Event Host at every My Social Calendar sponsored event. You will have the opportunity to participate in as many events as you choose (for additional event fee if applicable). My Social Calendar will provide minimum of ten events per month. My Social Calendar will not disclose your personal information to any other Member.


Your Membership Agreement will start on 20 March 2023 and last the duration selected; either 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. After the initial term, you will have an option to upgrade to another term. Members that do not select another term will automatically be enrolled on a month-to-month basis at the prevailing monthly rate. Members will remain enrolled monthly until the membership is cancelled.


You will pay for your Membership Agreement on a monthly basis dependent on the term selected (1 month, 3 months, or 6 months) at the current rate, which will be automatically be charged to your credit card each month on the day of the month that you originally signed up (or the closest date in that month) until this Agreement is terminated by you.


You may terminate this Agreement after your Membership Agreement Initial Term, or at any time during your Membership Extended Term upon written notice as provided herein. Termination requests may be submitted by visiting your deactivation link after agreeing to terms and conditions.


By electronically signing below, authorize us to automatically charge the account you have specified for all payments under this agreement. Monthly payments will be automatically charged each month until you cancel this Agreement in the accordance with its terms. You understand we will continue to automatically charge your account in accordance with the terms of this Agreement.


You acknowledge and agree that you understand the provisions contained within this Agreement, have had adequate time to review such provisions before electronically signing, received no oral modifications to this agreement, acknowledge and agree that your consent to these provisions is given in exchange for our rendering of services. You understand that no changes can be made to this agreement after signing.


My Social Calendar®, is a membership club for the exclusive use and enjoyment of “single” adults. By signing this Agreement, you are telling us that you are a single who is and at least of legal age. You also agree that you will tell My Social Calendar® if you get married, in which event, your Membership will end automatically. The term “single” means either (i) you have never been married; (ii) you were married but have divorced or widowed; or (iii) your divorce is pending and you are living apart from your spouse.


Your Membership starts today. My Social Calendar®, will make all material and services available to you today.


You understand that participation in the events and activities sponsored by My Social Calendar®, may involve risk of your injury, death, incapacity or damage to your property. You understand that neither My Social Calendar®, nor any of its directors, shareholders, officers, employees, independent contractors, agents, parents, subsidiaries or affiliates or their respective successors and assigns (collectively, “Affiliate”) have any responsibility or liability for any loss or damage, death or injury to you or your guests or your property resulting from: (i) your participation in any My Social Calendar®, sponsored event, (ii) My Social Calendar®, or any Affiliate providing transportation (such as by air, rail, bus or private vehicle) either directly or by use of independent service, or (iii) the negligence of My Social Calendar®, or any of its Affiliates.


You hereby give up and release My Social Calendar® or its Affiliates arising out of this Agreement, any My Social Calendar® sponsored events or activities in which you participate or any contact or communication between you and any other Member.


Member’s only remedy against My Social Calendar®, or its Affiliates for breaking a promise in this Agreement or breaking any applicable law shall be to cancel this Agreement and to receive a refund of any amounts paid before cancellation.


You agree to reimburse and pay My Social Calendar®, or its Affiliates any and all loss (including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs) spent due to claims resulting from; (i) your Membership in My Social Calendar® ; (ii) you or your guest’s participation in My Social Calendar® sponsored events and activities; (iii) any inaccuracies or failure to disclose information by you; (iv) any service provided to you by My Social Calendar®, or its Affiliates; (v) any action by any other Member arising out of or related to your Membership.


My Social Calendar® reserves the right to cancel your Membership (or to suspend your Membership privileges, as its option), without a refund of any prepaid fees unless the law requires it if (i) You fail to pay fees on time; (ii) You attempt to abuse, use or exploit any My Social Calendar® benefits for any improper, immoral or illegal purpose; (iii) your behavior, in My Social Calendar® sole opinion, threatens or may damage the reputation of My Social Calendar® or may expose My Social Calendar® or any of its Members to liability or harm; (iv) We discover that you have been arrested for and/or convicted of a crime involving violence, any sexual offense, violation of another’s property, fraud or falsification, corruption, public indecency, the possession of firearms or other conduct which, in My Social Calendar®sole opinion, may result in harm to My Social Calendar® goodwill or its Members; (v) You have not joined My Social Calendar® for a legitimate purpose, in My Social Calendar® sole opinion; (vi) You fail to abide by any policies or regulations in this Agreement or adopted by My Social Calendar® from time to time; (vii) You cause disruption or interference at My Social Calendar® events; (viii) My Social Calendar® receives complaints from other Members regarding your actions; (ix) My Social Calendar® determines that any statement made in your applications is false or misleading when made; or (x) You no longer qualify for Membership due to change in your marital status. In addition, My Social Calendar® may transfer your Membership to a similar Centre located within one hundred (100) miles of your principal residence after thirty (30) days advance written notice to you. The location of My Social Calendar® Centres may also change from time to time. You further agree that My Social Calendar® may tell other Members that your Membership has been canceled and the reasons why if your Membership is canceled for any reason in Subparagraphs (iii), (iv) or (v) above. You give up and release My Social Calendar® and its Affiliates from any and all claims and liabilities related to My Social Calendar® telling other Members about reasons for cancellation.


You agree that all of the demographic, personal, credit and other information (*Membership Information) you provide My Social Calendar® about you as a result of your joining My Social Calendar® may be shared by My Social Calendar® with its parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, and other third parties unless sharing such information would be prohibited by law or unless you tell us in writing that you do not want your Membership Information shared with others.


You understand and agree that My Social Calendar® may take photographs during events. You agree that Reproductions may be displayed. All Reproductions and all other information of a personal or private nature shall be returned to you (or erased in the case of videos) within thirty (30) days of your request. You understand that My Social Calendar® shall have no liability or responsibility to you arising out of the duplication or publication of such materials by other Members or outside parties not under our control or any liability arising out of the publication of your Membership.


You understand that your Membership is personal to you. You may not transfer or assign it to any other individual. You may only use it at My Social Calendar® Centres or for My Social Calendar® marked above (or to which your Membership is transferred) or events sponsored at those Centres.


You agree that My Social Calendar® receipt of written evidence in a form acceptable to My Social Calendar®, verifying your Relocation or other basis for cancellation is a condition to your right to cancel.


You agree to abide by all policies and regulations adopted by My Social Calendar® from time to time. You also agree that My Social Calendar® may establish or change such policies and regulations without notice as My Social Calendar®, in its sole opinion, thinks beneficial to its Membership.


This Agreement shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the state where the Originating Centre is located.


In the event that a court having jurisdiction finds that any of the provisions of this Agreement are unenforceable or invalid, the remaining provisions shall stay in effect. You and My Social Calendar® will give full effect to the intent of the provisions held to be enforceable and valid, unless the valid provisions relate to the obligation to pay fees, in which My Social Calendar® may cancel this Agreement and refund all monies not due as of the cancellation date.


This document, together with your application, any forms signed by you in connection with this Agreement or any specific event sponsored by My Social Calendar® and the written policies and regulations provided to all Members, as amended from time to time, make up the full and complete Agreement between you and My Social Calendar®. There are no spoken or other agreements which affect or modify this Agreement. Any prior spoken or written representations, promises, contracts or agreements are completely replaced by this Agreement. You and My Social Calendar® may only change this Agreement by a written agreement signed by an officer of My Social Calendar®. You agree that you have not acted in reliance upon any spoken or written agreements, promises or representations not written in this Agreement. If you understand or agree with this Agreement, make certain you do so before you sign it.


No action or omission of My Social Calendar® means that My Social Calendar® gives up any right in this Agreement unless evidenced by a written instrument signed by My Social Calendar®. My Social Calendar® gives up its rights at one time, it does not mean that My Social Calendar® gives up its right as to any future or other My Social Calendar® events.


This Agreement shall be binding upon and benefit you and My Social Calendar® and you My Social Calendar® respective successors and assigns, except otherwise written in this Agreement.


Unless otherwise specified herein, any reference to the term “Business Day” in this Agreement means all days excluding Sundays and legal holidays.

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